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Every Plant Has A Place

August 31, 2021

Every Plant Has A Place

Every Plant Has A Place


As homeowners, we are often attracted to plants that produce flowers and fruit, grow quickly in the landscape, can withstand environmental stresses, and generally, thrive without much care.

Unfortunately, these features can also be characteristics of what are considered aggressive or invasive plants; although these plants fulfil our current landscape expectations, some of them may be the wrong choice.

Invasive plants can overgrow and often require high maintenance. Additionally, invasive plants may have adverse long-term effects on the environment.

Of course, the vast majority of plants that grow quickly and look attractive are not problematic and are appropriate to use for landscaping.

What makes a plant invasive?

  • It is non-indigenous to the region
  • It is widespread and has become naturalized in undisturbed areas
  • It produces and disperses a high number of seeds, resulting in plants occurring at a distance from the parent

While there is much discussion concerning the planting of strictly native or indigenous plants, please keep in mind that most non-native garden plants are benign or even beneficial, as they often provide habitat and food for wildlife species or facilitate rainwater filtration.

We can help by avoiding non-invasive species in our garden. Our Sheridan Nurseries experts will be glad to provide the necessary advice.


We also have community partners that have produced brochures that may provide some insight: