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Watering Guidelines

July 15, 2022

Proper watering through the summer is key to lush, healthy plants. With the unpredictability of rain, here are general guidelines to help keep your lawn and garden well-hydrated this summer.



lawn sprinkler

  • Water in the morning up until about 10:00 AM – the soil will be cooler, and moisture will soak deeper into the roots of the grass.
  • Don’t water at the day’s peak heat – if it is a sweltering day, the water will quickly evaporate.
  •  Avoid watering at night – water tends to sit on the grass and not evaporate overnight, which can lead to fungal disease.




garden watering


  • Water in the morning when the soil is cooler – the roots of your plants can better absorb the water, and there is less evaporation.
  • Avoid watering plants at night – this may encourage garden pests like snails, slugs, and woodlice.
  • Water deeply and less frequently – this will encourage plants to develop deeper root systems and grow stronger!
  • Always water close to the soil and not on the leaves – the leaves will act as an umbrella when you want the water absorbed directly into the soil.




Large planter



  • Choose larger pots to water less often – the soil will absorb more water to keep your plants stay hydrated longer.
  • Make sure your pots have drainage holes – so plant roots are well hydrated – but never sit in water.
  • Wait until the top of the soil is dry to water plants – and watch for the water to run out the drainage holes. That way, you know it has had a good watering!


When starting new plants, it’s essential to have a good foundation of fertile soil, fertilizer, and mulch and a regular watering schedule to increase your plant’s success.


Here are some watering tips to ensure your new purchase is well established in your garden.


  • Attach a watering wand or sprayer with a gentle shower setting to your hose, or use a watering can to give your new perennial, shrub, or tree a big drink.
  • Slowly water around the base of the plant to allow the water time to soak in.
  • Apply fertilizer for best results.
  • Add a 2″ layer of mulch around the base of your new plant. Mulch will reduce water evaporation, keeps roots cool, and reduces the amount of weeding.

For trees, try a tree gator that slowly releases water to your tree.


Have questions? The Sheridan nursery and landscape experts are always happy to help new plant owners with all their gardening needs. We are known for our quality plants and expert gardening advice.