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How to Care for Easter Flowers

March 25, 2020

How to Take Care of Easter Flowers

Fresh cut flowers and potted plants are a fantastic way to brighten your mood or liven up your home. Easter lilies, vibrant hydrangeas, and fresh-cut flowers are a sure sign of spring, and what better way to embrace the spring season than with a fresh plant or flowers for your home or as a thoughtful gift to celebrate the season.


Say hello to spring with fragrant, white, trumpet-shaped blooms. Easter lilies are often known to gardeners as Trumpet Lilies. When choosing an Easter Lily, look for a healthy plant that is about twice as high as the pot it is grown in with lush dark green leaves free of brown spots or wilting. To extend the blooming time, pick a plant with one or two open blooms and plenty of healthy-looking buds.


Once you get your Easter Lily home, you will want to place the plant in an area with bright, indirect sunlight. Protect the plant from direct heat sources such as vents or fireplaces and avoid chilly drafts. Keeping them in a consistently slightly cool area – around 15-20 degrees C or 60 to 65 degrees F – will help prolong the life of the flowers.


Water Easter Lilies when the soil becomes dry to the touch and check that the plant is draining properly. Remove any bows or decorative wrap that may slow drainage. If water gets trapped in the planter, it can cause over-watering and root damage.


You can remove the yellow anthers from the centre of the blooms to prevent staining on clothes and furniture. Clip back and remove withered flowers as they fade to keep the plant looking healthy and promote new plant growth.


Potted Hydrangeas are fragrant plants that come in various vibrant colours and are a welcome springtime favourite. These plants will do best near a sunny window with good air circulation but away from any vents. Keep the soil moist with regular watering but avoid letting the plant sit in water as this will damage the roots.

Potted hydrangeas available during Easter have been grown in a greenhouse and are not winter hardy plants.  They are best suited to be enjoyed indoors during the early spring.


If you want to try to extend their life on your outside patio or garden, trim off the blooms and slowly bring them out during the day and then back in at night. You will want to wait until the frost risk has passed and use them in containers or garden beds.


Fresh cut flowers are always a welcome gift and a great idea to brighten up a living space over Easter. For longer-lasting blooms and to get the most out of your indoor bouquets, follow these simple tips:


  • Use a freshly washed vase that has been washed with hot soapy water and rinsed thoroughly.
  • Before placing each flower in the vase, cut 1-2 inches off each stem at a 45-degree angle to allow for them to get maximum water intake.
  • Remove any leaves that would go below the waterline to prevent bacteria.
  • Fill your vase with clean tap water and if your flowers came with a packet of flower preservatives, add that to the water and then add your flowers into the vase.
  • Add water daily as needed to keep your plants hydrated.
  • Avoid placing them close to any heat sources.
  • Avoid placing them near any fruit because they will release ethylene gas which will lower the longevity of your flowers.