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Christmas Tree Decorating

November 20, 2023

The countdown to the festive season is underway, and what better way to welcome the holiday spirit than with a beautifully adorned Christmas tree? Whether you’ve chosen a fresh-cut Canadian tree or an everlasting one, setting up and decorating your tree is an artful and traditional celebration.

Setting the Stage with Fresh-Cut Trees:

The key to longevity and vibrancy lies in the setup for fresh-cut trees. First, select a sturdy stand and position it in your desired spot, ensuring it’s secure and near an outlet for lights. Upon arrival, trim an inch off the bottom of the trunk for optimal water absorption, a service readily available at our Sheridan Nurseries locations. To preserve its lushness, spritz the branches with Wilt-Pruf®, a biodegradable solution that minimizes moisture loss. To help your tree retain it’s needles and fresh scent all season long, use StaFresh, Canada’s most popular tree preservative.


Give your tree room to breathe! Allow a few days for the branches to settle and adjust before decorating. This allows the tree to find its perfect form, ensuring a harmonious display of ornaments.

Crafting Timeless Holiday Beauty with Everlasting Trees:

Setting up everlasting trees follows a different rhythm. Begin by assembling the tree, section by section, ensuring it’s positioned close to a power source for effortless illumination. Assemble the base, working upwards, while arranging the branches and wear protective gloves as you sculpt and fluff your ideal tree shape.


Like fresh-cut trees, allowing the branches to fall and settle naturally is crucial before shaping and separating them. Once assembled, plug in the tree, illuminating your space with its festive glow.

Decking the Tree:

Now, the true magic begins—the decorations! Start by adorning your tree with lights, if not included, winding them from top to bottom and weaving them between the branches to create depth and radiance. Follow with garlandstwigs, and any accenting décor, layering textures and colours for a multidimensional effect.


It’s time to bring out your cherished ornaments! Hang them thoughtfully, distributing heavier pieces on sturdier branches throughout the tree for balance. Crown your creation with a tree topper and lay down a tree skirt, completing the elegant look.

Festive Tips & Pet Proofing:
  • Tuck a few pieces of orange peel under the tree skirt to deter curious cats.
  • For mischievous dogs and busy toddlers, hang jingle bells on the bottom branches, serving as an alert system.
  • Remember to water daily and add StaFresh to fresh-cut trees to keep them hydrated and vibrant throughout the holiday season.

Creating an adorned Christmas tree is an artful tradition that brings joy to the festive season. With careful setup, thoughtful decorations, and a touch of pet-proofing, your tree will radiate the enchanting spirit of the holidays, filling your home with warmth, cheer, and lasting memories.