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Outdoor Plants

That’s Alotta Hosta!

May 29, 2020 5 min read

When we talk about the selection of hostas for your garden, it’s more than colours and textures. Hostas are perfect for every shade garden.

Whether you are looking for a miniature hosta to fill up a container garden, or a large hosta to fill in your front garden, we have some magnificent varieties for you.

Tea Cup Hosta

These miniature perennials are great for planting in container gardens and window boxes. You can mix various varieties for a streamlined design, or mix with shade-loving annuals such as impatiens, fuchsias, and coleus. They grow to be around 15cm tall to 30cm spread.


Small, round leaves with creamy edges. Flowers delicate purple flowers in early summer.

Church Mouse

Little hosta with blue-green, wavy foliage. Perfect for edging shade garden borders. In early summer, lavender coloured flowers appear.

Mini Skirt

Wavy blue-green foliage with creamy yellow edges. As summer heat arrives the centre turns greener, and the edges brighten up to white. Pale lavender flowers with deep purple stripes blossom early to mid-summer.

Pandora’s Box

Pocket-sized and ready to plant! Vibrant green leaves have a bright white centre. Lavender bell-shaped flowers appear in early summer.

Sun Mouse

This vibrant variety shines in the garden with brilliant yellow heart-shaped foliage. The lavender-purple flowers add intense colour in early to mid-summer.

Small Hosta

When you need to fill a small space, these hostas will do the trick. They generally grow between 65cm tall and spread, if left undivided, up to 60cm. Mass plantings, containers, borders and woodland style gardens are ideal places to plant.

Lakeside Paisley Print

Green heart-shaped leaves with wide, waxy, green centre stripes. Midsummer welcomes your garden with feathery leaves and purple flowers.


Variegated foliage appears in spring with a creamy white centre and blue-green margin. As the season progresses, the white comes a creamy white, brightening up your gardens and container. Creamy white flowers appear midsummer.

Royal Standard

This lush green variety stands out with fragrant white flowers. Mounds of wavy, glossy, pointed leaves make this hosta great for traditional gardens and spaces where you want a bit of simplicity.

Medium Hosta

Eclectic gardens and woodland style plantings all benefit from a couple of hosta additions. These will grow around 60cm spread to 75cm in height.


Frosty blue-green pointed tips make this a unique option for your outdoor space. Pale blue-violet flowers will flower in midsummer.


Very dark green leaves edged with a pure white margin make this hosta a stunner. Pale lavender striped flowers appear early to midsummer.


Beautiful corrugated green-gold leaves streaked with blue-green variegation. As the weather warms up, the colour intensifies. Pastel lavender flowers in midsummer.

Fragrant Dream

Green leaves edged with a creamy-white colour. Large fragrant white flowers appear in late summer.

Shadowland® Etched Glass PW®

This stylish hosta has broad, dark green foliage with a bright yellow centre—creamy white flowers in early to midsummer.

Shadowland® Hudson Bay PW®

This showy hosta forms a mound of tricolour leaves. Expansive, bright blue, apple greens and creamy white centre make this a showstopper, especially with purple flowers in early summer.

Shadowland® Seducer PW®

A large mound of deep, dark green leaves with a chartreuse-gold margin. Lavender flowers will pair gracefully in late summer to early fall.

Shadowland® Waterslide PW®

Ruffled blue foliage will hold its deep hue all summer long. Lavender flowers contrast gracefully in midsummer.

Shadowland® Wheee! PW®

This specimen is distinctive thanks to the extremely ruffled green foliage and creamy white edges. Pale lavender flowers blossom in midsummer.

Large Hosta

Low Maintenance, big impact. Planting a large hosta will fill any void in your garden. These varieties are lovely for specimen plantings. They will reach heights up to 100cm!

Empress Wu PW®

Go big or go home – this is the largest hosta available! It can grow to be as tall as 120cm. Gigantic upright mound of dark green leaves topped with pale reddish-flowers in summer.

Earth Angel

Large, heart-shaped blue-green leaves with light green edging will look heavenly in your garden, especially when the pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer.

Fragrant Blue

Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with fragrant lavender flowers in midsummer.

Shadowland® Coast to Coast PW®

Vibrant green-gold foliage with wavy edges. The golden hue brightens in the morning sun during summer—pale violet flowers in midsummer.

Shadowland® Diamond Lake PW®

This large blue-hued hosta has attractive heart-shaped corrugated leaves with wavy margins—pale lavender flowers in midsummer.