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Seed Starting 101

Take your gardening skills to a whole new level! It’s time to start planning your garden and get ready for indoor seed starting.


Growing your own vegetables and flowers is a rewarding task – and starting your plants indoors is an enjoyable hobby to take part in during these cold winter months.


Join us for an informative and fun discussion on the fundamentals of seed starting. This is the perfect seminar for beginners where you will learn how to choose the right equipment, how to start your seeds, when to start them, and so much more!


COST: $25.00

Your reservation fee will include a spot at our seminar and a $25 Sheridan Nurseries Gift Card that you can use at any of our garden centre locations.


Register early to secure your spot!


What you will learn: 

  • Choosing what to grow – researching seeds, what you want to grow, and when to start.
  • Seedling containers and pots – what to consider when reusing pots.
  • Equipment to use – set up for success. Growing containers, mini greenhouses.
  • Soil Requirements – choosing the best soil for ensuring seedling success.
  • Let’s get planting – how-to process of planting seeds.
  • The importance of labeling – keeping track of what you are growing.
  • Lighting requirements – natural lighting, grow lights, best exposure for maximum growth.
  • Caring for seedlings- watering, ideal temperature, airflow requirements.
  • Fertilizing – what’s best, when, and how to fertilize your seedlings.
  • When to repot – signs your seedlings are outgrowing their pots.
  • Hardening off your seedlings – when to harden off your seedlings and prepare for outdoors.
  • Time for transplanting – a quick overview how to prepare to move them outside.


Please note that in the event of severe weather conditions, the event would be rescheduled. If this occurs, you will be contacted on the day of the event.