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Finding the Freshest Poinsettias: If you look closely at open poinsettia flower, you’ll find a large yellow nectar gland and a central pistil surrounded by a group of stamens. When choosing a poinsettia make sure that all the flowers aren’t fully open yet; this will ensure you have a long-lasting plant.

Nature’s Air Purifiers: Did you know the poinsettia is one of the many indoor plants that scientists have studied for their air cleaning abilities? The leaves, stems, and roots remove formaldehyde from indoor air.

  • History: Robert Buist was likely the first person to have sold the poinsettias under their botanical, name Euphorbia pulcherrima which means ‘the most beautiful Euphorbia. They initially sold as cut flowers and then in the early 1900s, they were sold as whole plants for landscaping and containers.

    • Christmas Beauty – Beautiful Red!
      • Bright Red bracts
      • Dark green foliage
      • Long-Lasting
    • Christmas Day – Exciting & Festive
      • Traditional Dark Red
      • Long-lasting
      • Excellent contrast to Polar Bear
    • Christmas Wish – Bright and Traditional
      • Bright Red
      • Uniquely traditional
      • An eye-catching focal point

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    • Polar Bears – Beautiful White
      • Beautiful White with Green veins
      • Dark green foliage to add contrast
      • Stand alone or in a group
    • Wintersun – Unique White
      • Beautiful White with Oak leaf shaped foliage
      • Dark green foliage
      • Sturdy stems

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    • Red Glitter – Add Whimzy
      • Marbled Red and White
      • Dramatic impact
      • A fun conversation piece
    • Cinnamon Red
      • Compact & Sturdy
      • Shades of pink and red
      • Dark green foliage
    • Premium Picasso
      • Cream coloured bracts frosted with dark pink edges
      • Handsome dark green foliage
      • Bushy and compact
    • Marble Star – Classic Bi-colour
      • Salmon / Pink bracts with cream coloured edges
      • Dark green foliage

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  • The Myth Of The Poisonous Poinsettia: Despite widespread belief, poinsettias are non-toxic. The active chemicals found in most Euphorbias are barely detectable in poinsettias. However, the milky sap may cause an upset stomach if eaten, or a rash on sensitive skin.

    • Mars Pink
      • Pink bracts
      • Dark green foliage
      • Compact & bushy
    • Venus Hot Pink – Pink Favourite
      • Compact Green foliage
      • Hot Pink bracts
    • Joy Pink – Pink Party
      • Fluorescent pink bracts
      • Dark green foliage

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