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Understanding Pot Sizes

May 8, 2024

Boxwood Pots

The appropriate pot size is pivotal for fostering healthy plants, whether they grace your indoor spaces or enhance your outdoor garden. At Sheridan Nurseries, we understand the significance of pot sizes, both in terms of plant health and shopping convenience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of pot sizes for planters and decipher what pot sizes mean when perusing the aisles of our garden nurseries.

Understanding Pot Sizes at Sheridan Nurseries:

When it comes to pot sizes, the size of the plant determines the appropriate pot size at the time of potting. Perennials and smaller young shrubs are typically sold in 1-gallon pots, equivalent to 4 litres, denoted as the #1 pot size. Generally, the larger the pot number, the larger the pot and plant size, ranging from #1 to #20 or higher, depending on the nursery and product(s).

Container Measurements at Sheridan Nurseries

#1 Container: These containers, holding 3 quarts (3 litres) of soil, are commonly used by nurseries to house a variety of nursery goods that continue to grow over time. With a diameter of approximately ~7 inches and a height of ~7 inches, these pots offer a compact yet suitable environment for plant growth.

#2 Containers: Slightly larger than #1 containers, #2 pots accommodate growing and maturing nursery goods. With a diameter of around ~8.75 inches and a height of ~7 inches, these pots provide ample space for plants to thrive as they develop.


#3 Containers: Ideal for creating an immediate impact while allowing plants to mature fully, #3 pots hold more mature nursery goods. With a diameter of approximately ~11 inches and a height of ~9.62 inches, these containers offer a spacious environment for robust plant growth.



#5 Containers: Commonly used for more extensive, instant-impact goods like mature shrubs and fruit tree varieties, #5 pots are larger. With a diameter of about ~10.75 inches and a height of ~11 inches, these containers provide ample room for larger plants to flourish.



#7 Containers: On the larger end of the spectrum, #7 containers accommodate various varieties of larger perennials and hardy plant products. With a diameter of ~14 inches and a height of ~11.5 inches, these 7-gallon containers offer generous space for plants to thrive and grow.



Pot Sizes for Different Projects

Opt for smaller pot sizes such as #1 or #2 containers for smaller outdoor or indoor spaces. These compact pots and plants are perfect for smaller spaces to accent existing plants or establish growing shrubs.


Pot sizes #3, #5, or #7 are ideal for larger spaces. These sizes offer more significant impact and accommodate various plant sizes, from colourful perennials to shrubs and trees. Once planted, these pot sizes can still mature while creating different levels of instant impact on your landscape.



By grasping the nuances of pot sizes, you can foster thriving indoor and outdoor gardens teeming with vibrant, flourishing plants. Explore Sheridan Nurseries’ extensive array of plants and pots, and let our knowledgeable staff guide you in selecting the perfect fit for your gardening endeavours. Happy planting!