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Houseplants 101

January 18, 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or a budding green thumb, nurturing indoor plants involves a delicate balance of attention and care. To ensure your leafy companions thrive within your home, here’s a comprehensive guide to providing them with the conditions they need to flourish.

Lighting Matters

Every plant has distinct lighting requirements, so understanding your home’s light exposure is crucial when positioning your plants. When shopping at Sheridan Nurseries, you can find each plant’s lighting requirements on tags, stickers, and posters or by talking to our experienced associates.

  • Consider rooms with Northern exposure for low-light plants needing two to four hours of subdued daylight.
  • Medium-light plants, thriving on four to six hours of bright indirect sunlight, will fare well in spaces with bright but indirect light.
  • High-sunlight plants, requiring six to eight hours of direct sun, find their home in rooms with Southern or Western exposure.


Pot Placement and Drainage

Proper drainage is essential for all plants to prevent root rot. Place a plate under the pot to catch draining water and avoid furniture damage. Choose pot sizes based on plant growth. As your plant expands, gradually move it to a larger pot. It’s time for a bigger home when roots start peeking out from the bottom.


Transplanting and Soil Health

When transplanting, opt for quality potting soil tailored for indoor plants, providing the necessary nutrients for growth. Also consider specific soil blends to cater to specialty plants like cacti, orchids, or African violets. Recognize the signs for transplanting, such as roots outgrowing the pot or stunted growth. Clean reused pots thoroughly with hot, soapy water to prevent disease transfer. Minimize transplant shock with tools like Parkwood® Transplanter.

Watering Wisdom

Watering is a critical aspect of plant care. Over or under-watering can spell doom for your green companions. Ensure the soil is dry to the touch before watering again. For accurate moisture assessment, invest in a moisture meter. Once watered, allow excess water to drain and avoid water accumulation in trays. Regularly mist foliage to maintain high humidity levels.


Fertilizing Fundamentals

Most plants benefit from regular fertilization. Employ a balanced fertilizer like Parkwood® Water Soluble 20-20-20 during active growth periods, typically between March and October. Follow product labels for precise feeding instructions based on individual plant needs.


Did you know that Sheridan Nurseries offers a free fertilizer program?

When you purchase our reusable 4-litre plant food jug in-store, you can refill it as often as you wish with our ready to use, all-purpose plant food!

Pruning Practices

Occasional leaf shedding is natural as plants renew growth. Gently remove dead or brown leaves and avoid premature pruning. Allow leaves to fall naturally off whenever possible.

Popular Plants for New Plant Owners

For novice plant enthusiasts, consider these easy-care options:

Visit our garden centres to explore tropical plants, pots, and indoor accessories. Start your indoor garden journey with confidence and nurture thriving indoor ecosystems!