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Discover Canadian Beauties

May 8, 2024

Discover Canadian Beauties

Native plants are the unsung heroes of our Canadian landscapes, quietly playing a crucial role in supporting local ecosystems while offering endless benefits to gardeners. To inspire you to Never Stop Growing, Sheridan Nurseries proudly introduces our newest brand, Canadian Beauties. Curated and carefully selected, when shopping the Canadian Beauties brand, you can trust that you’re purchasing straight native species and their cultivars that will enhance your garden landscapes and local ecosystems to promote garden sustainability, beauty, and resiliency.


But what exactly constitutes a native species, and why are they so essential? Let’s delve into the world of native plants, exploring their significance to the environment and their advantages to gardeners.

Native Species

A native plant is a species that naturally occurred before European colonization in a specific geographic region or ecosystem. Over time, these species have evolved and adapted to local environments while forming symbiotic relationships with native wildlife to support overall ecological balance, such as Monarch Butterflies essential relationship with Milkweed. With a long history of co-existence with local ecosystems, these plant varieties are well-suited to soil conditions, climates, and environmental conditions. Some native species included in this collection include:

Native Cultivar Species

The Canadian Beauties collection also includes what are commonly referred to as Native Cultivars.  These are naturally and intentionally cultivated varieties of native plant species bred for more specific desirable traits such as colour, height, or hardiness. These varieties offer a greater range of adaptability and aesthetics for any gardener’s preference with the benefits of native species’ genetic heritage. These varieties maintain ecological value and suitability in native ecosystems.  The Canadian Beauties tags identify if a plant is a Native or Native Cultivar.  Some Native Cultivar Species included in this collection include:

Supporting the Ecosystems

Native plants are the cornerstone of healthy ecosystems, playing a vital role in supporting biodiversity and ecological balance. These plants provide essential food and habitat for local wildlife, including pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds. By planting native species in our gardens and landscapes, we can create vital corridors for wildlife movement and contribute to the conservation of threatened species.


Moreover, native plants are well-adapted to local environmental conditions, requiring fewer resources like water and fertilizer once established. Their deep root systems help prevent soil erosion, improve soil health, and absorb excess rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding and runoff pollution. These varieties are extremely resilient to diseases, pests, and extreme weather events. In essence, native plants and their cultivar species act as the guardians of our environment, promoting resilience and sustainability in the face of climate change and habitat loss.


Benefits to Gardeners

Incorporating native plants into landscapes offers many benefits beyond supporting local ecosystems. Native plants are typically low-maintenance and well-suited to the local climate, reducing the need for excessive watering, fertilizing, and pesticide use. Their resilience to pests and diseases means less time spent on plant care and more time enjoying a thriving garden.


Furthermore, native plants can enhance the beauty and diversity of garden landscapes, offering various colours, textures, and forms. Whether you’re designing a pollinator garden, a woodland retreat, or a drought-tolerant landscape, there’s a native plant species to suit every style and purpose.



Bring life to your garden with Canadian Beauties, a carefully selected collection of straight species native Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials and their cultivars from Sheridan Nurseries. Canadian Beauties makes it easy to choose plants that add timeless beauty to your garden while supporting local biodiversity and creating a more sustainable ecosystem.