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Outdoor Plants

Summer Flowering Shrubs

July 29, 2019 3 min read

Once spring trees, shrubs, and perennials have leafed out and fill your beds with colour, it’s time to find late-blooms plants. We put together our favourite summer flowering shrubs for all styles and sizes of gardens.

Rose of Sharon

Heat-loving, sun-loving, and distinct tropical blooms – you need one (or three) of these in your garden. The late-summer flowers on this shrub closely resemble hibiscus. They add a touch of the tropics with their showy blooms from mid to late summer until autumn.

Blue Satin - Rose of Sharon
Blue Satin

They offer a wide choice of colour, from lavender, light blue, magenta, and white. Rose of Sharon thrives in a full-sun to partial sun location with fertile, well-drained soil. Once established, this plant is moderately drought tolerant. Excellent for hedges, a specimen plant, and adding privacy to urban gardens.

As summer rolls around, do not give up on rose of Sharon if you don’t see any new growth, it has a slow start to the season.

Butterfly Bush

To have success with butterfly bushes, they need to be planted in full sun. They also need good drainage – plants can die from sitting in soggy, cold soil.

Butterfly bush in bloom
Butterfly bush in bloom

Prune in spring after new growth emerges (when you see green buds appear). Similar to the rose of Sharon, be patient about seeing new growth, it’s a slow starter.


Is any summer garden complete with the charming touch of hydrangeas? These flowering shrubs are versatile between sun and shade and their blooms often dee

Panicle hydrangeas will flower in new wood and should be pruned in late winter/early spring.

Mountain hydrangeas bloom on old wood and don’t need pruning – they have gorgeous lacecap blooms and deep green foliage.

Big leaf, or mophead hydrangeas, bloom on old wood – don’t prune and protect in winter. Depending on your soil pH, you will have pink or purple-blue flowers in summer.

If you want large flower heads, but a thin stem, Annabelle (or smooth) hydrangeas are the perfect addition to your garden.

Shrub Roses

Don’t be fearful about growing roses – there is plenty of cultivars that make growing roses easy. We love Oso Easy ® because they don’t require spraying or deadheading to have long-lasting flowers. If you want to challenge your green thumb, step into the world of large fragrant blooms on David Austin roses, hybrid teas, and climbing roses.

At Last Rose Phptp by: Proven Winners

Roses need full sun, well-drained soil, and plenty of space to grow. Depending on the type, they are best used in landscapes, mass plantings, and even containers.


This diverse group of shrubs are available in many sizes, shapes, and colour. They excellent for erosion control and make a great privacy hedge. Add elegance to your garden with Bridalwreath; it will cascade with crisp white blooms. Alternatively, keep it traditional with varieties like Goldflame, Magic Carpet, or Little Princess.

White spirea

As temperatures begin to cool, many varieties have foliage that will turn into a golden bronze, or reddish-brown — plant in an area that receives full sun.


We love ‘Hummingbird’ Summersweet from our Handpicked for You® collection because of its dense, compact growth with lush, dark green foliage. A profusion of fragrant white flower spikes will bloom in mid-summer. It can tolerate moist soil conditions and shade. When autumn arrives, the foliage will turn to a shade of golden yellow.

Check out our favourite summer blooming perennials to find new companions for your favourite trees and shrubs.