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Outdoor Plants

Summer Flowering Bulbs

March 5, 2019 3 min read

Say hello to summer flowering bulbs! Dahlias, begonias, lilies, gladioli are just a few of your options for summer colour.

Getting Started

Unlike spring flowering bulbs, summer flowering bulbs are treated as annuals unless they are dug up and overwintered. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore new colours and mixes year after year in your garden.

To prevent rotting, plant bulbs in an area that has good drainage. They should also be in a sunny location where they receive five or more hours of direct sunlight. However, some varieties can tolerate less sunshine.

We suggest adding compost or manure for added nutrients in the soil. Don’t forget your Parkwood® Flower Plant Food 15-30-15 every two weeks to encourage new blooms.

Colorful assorted dahlia flower garden in summer

As a general rule of thumb plant bulbs about three times as deep as the diameter of the bulb. Always check the packaging on the plants you purchased to ensure you are planting at the proper depth and space. To create a dramatic effect, place taller varieties such as gladioli and lilies in the back of beds, and shorter plants such as anemone and sparaxis at the front.

After planting your bulbs, remember to water and add mulch to help retain moisture.


You will need to dig up bulbs before the ground freezes if you plan on over-wintering your summer flowering bulbs.

Keep bulbs in an area with good circulation. If they are in an airtight container, it will cause moisture build-up which leads to fungus growth and rot. Check on bulbs regularity through the over-wintering process to ensure there is no mould.

Quick tip: To keep your bulbs organized, label by variety and colour. It will help when it comes to planning and planting next year.

Growing in Containers

Short on space? You can grow bulbs in containers! Make sure the container has enough depth and is wide enough for the varieties you planted. If you want to get a head start on summer bulb production, you can plant them inside one or two months before it’s time to plant outside or leave them in the container to bloom.

Our Favourite Summer Flowering Bulbs


Pink Dahlia


gladiola growing in summer garden


Anemone Red


Bouquet of yellow calla lilies


Agapanthus Summer Flowering Bulb