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Outdoor Plants

Summer Blooming Perennials

June 11, 2019 3 min read

As the summer heat arrives, some early flowering perennials have finished blooming and your outdoor space may need some colour. Get inspired by our favourite summer blooming perennials.

Many of these summer blooming perennials can be planted from spring to autumn so keep an eye out when you’re visiting the garden centres.

After planting, be sure to water two to three times a week thoroughly. Adjust watering according to drought and rain conditions. The best time to water is in the morning or late in the day to avoid evaporation. A one-inch layer of bark mulch can stop moisture loss and help keep the soil cool.

After that, sit back and enjoy your summer garden.


If you’re looking for an easy perennial to grow, you have to plant daylilies. These flowering plants grow best in full sun, need good drainage, and are tolerant of dry soils. Once established, they can become drought tolerant and work in rain gardens.

There are thousands of different cultivars that range in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Most blooms will only last for a day, but there are reblooming daylilies. We suggest choosing a few different types for a more extended display of summer colour.

Spike Speedwell

Also known as Veronica, Spike Speedwell attracts pollinators and adds vertical interest to garden beds and containers. For the best display of flowers, plant in a sunny location. Flowers will bloom profusely atop dark green foliage from early to late summer.


Bee Balm

Ideal for planting in rain gardens, near ponds, and low maintenance enough to be planted at the cottage. Distinct pink, red, or purple flowers are ideally planted in groups for the most impact. Bee balm is perfect for areas that need naturalizing, are in full to partial sun, and grow fast.

Bee Balm


This flowering perennial is also known as pincushion. Easy to plant and grow scabiosa will create a romantic display of lavender-purple flowers from summer to early fall. They pair gracefully with the cheerful bright blooms on coreopsis, black-eyed Susan, and blanketflower.

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue


Purple coneflower is a cherished native plant in Ontario gardens, but may other colours are available, from golden-yellow to peachy-orange. Coneflower must be planted in an area that receives full sun. Once established, they will be tolerant of moderate drought conditions; it will grow best in well-drained average soil but is adaptable to sandy and clay.

Coneflower Summer Garden Perennials


Vibrant blooms will shine in a sunny garden from summer to autumn. Perfect for butterfly gardens, borders, containers, and cottage gardens. Remove spent blooms to encourage new flowers.

Blanketflower is available in radiant hues of orange, yellow, burgundy and peach. Pollinators love this perennial but are deer and rabbit resistant.

Russian Sage

One of our favourite plants for xeriscaping projects, Russian sage has long-lasting lavender flowers that blossom through summer on silvery-white foliage. If you don’t prune annually, this perennial can grow up to 4 feet tall. If you have a rock garden or area with poor soil, Russian sage will add texture and colour to enhance the space. Perfect for wildlife and pollinator gardens.

Russian Sage - Proven Winners


Is any outdoor space complete without the soothing floral fragrance of lavender?

Clouds of aromatic purple blooms on silvery grey foliage make a statement in any garden design; from contemporary to traditional landscapes, lavender will take your garden to the next level thanks to its architectural shape. This low maintenance perennial will bloom all summer long and benefits from pruning in the spring so to promote new growth.

Hidcote Lavender