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Garden Supply

Get your garden off to a great start and keep it growing at peak performance.

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Aggregates and Mulch

Rocks, gravel, mulch and bark, river rocks, and marble chips.

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Water Products

Hoses, wands, sprinklers, nozzles, sprayers, and misters.

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Long handled and hand held tools for diggers, cutting, raking and weeding.

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Pond Products

Pumps, filters, lighting, aerators, fountains, liners, kits, water treatments, and fish food.

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Planters and Pots

Clay, ceramic, metal, concrete, self-watering, outdoor resin, fiberglass, fibrestone, plastic (indoor), wood, and glass.

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Garden Supplies

Gloves, propagation supplies, brackets, hooks, trellises, plant supports & ties, concrete fountains, benches and planters, landscape fabric, winter protection and yard clean up supplies.

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Garden Care

Herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, grass seed, and anti dessicants.

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Bagged Soils

Soil blends, compost, planting mix, potting mix, and peat moss.

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For indoor and outdoor plants – spikes, water-soluble, granular, liquid, natural/organic, timed-release.

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Birding and Pets

Feeders, suet and seeds.