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Everlasting Christmas Trees

Premium Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Potted Christmas Trees and Decor Evergreens

Custom Design and Ready-To-Go Urn Arrangements


Christmas Returns

Christmas Collection

Everlasting Christmas Trees

Our premium quality selection of Everlasting Christmas Trees will bring you years of cheer!

Click here to shop our Everlasting Christmas Tree selection. Visit us in-store to browse our full selection.

Premium Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Shop our outdoor area for premium quality, Canadian grown Christmas trees. Arriving in-store now.

    • Dark green, rounded, soft needles that fill your home with a Christmas scent
    • Open slender branches for easy decorating with light ornaments
    • Good needle retention
    • Available in 3′-12′ tall

    • Soft, lightly fragrant green needles with a silvery underside
    • Firm branches for heavier ornaments
    • Excellent needle retention for a long-lasting tree
    • Available in 3′-12′ tall

    • Soft fragrance that will last throughout the holiday season & long, dark green needles
    • Sturdy branches for heavier ornaments
    • Excellent needle retention
    • Available in 5.5′-9′

    • Graceful airy branches & soft, long bluish-green needles
    • Slender branches for lighter ornaments
    • Little to no fragrance makes this a good tree for those with allergies
    • Available in 6′-9′ tall

    • Incorporates the best characteristics of Balsam (fragrance) and Fraser trees (needle retention).
    • Very full and beautifully shaped tree.
    • Available in 6-8’ tall

    • Available in 6′-7′

    • Available in 6′-7′

Short on time? Shop online and have your tree delivered* right to your door.

*Additional shipping and handling fees may apply.

Potted Christmas Trees and Décor Evergreens

Enjoy the fresh scent of evergreens inside your home or on your front porch!

Bring your family together by decorating it with lights, tinsel, garland, and ornaments.

These products are not eligible for our nursery product guarantee.

Choose from:

  • Spruce: Black, Blue Colorado, White, and Norway
  • Fir: Balsam, Canaan, and Fraser
  • Pine: Austrian, Scots, and Eastern White

Starting from 69.99-149.99 | 60cm-125cm

Potted Christmas Trees

Click here to shop our Fresh Potted & Décor Christmas Trees.

Décor Christmas Trees

Click here to shop our Fresh Potted & Décor Christmas Trees.

Custom Design and Ready-T0-Go Urn Arrangements

Short on time or need some creative inspiration? Our Custom Design Service is perfect for you!

Speak with our creative designers for inspiring ideas for containers, centrepieces and wreaths or let us create something special for you!

Click here to shop our Ready-To-Go Urn Arrangements.

Click here to find a location nearest you to connect with one of our Custom Designers.


  • A flowering plant for indoor cultivation that is truly spectacular for the sheer size of the bulb, the lily-like flowers and long, strap-like leaves. They are easy to grow and with proper storage will bloom again in future years. There are many Amaryllis to choose from in terms of colour, bloom type and size.

    Click here to learn how to take care of your Amaryllis.

  • This houseplant acquired its name for blooming around the Christmas season. Stems of these plants are in segments, and they arch gracefully as they mature. A bright pink, red, white, or peach flower forms at the end of each stem.

    • Keep the cactus moist when in bloom.
    • Let the plant rest once it has finished blooming.
    • Place it out of direct sunlight during spring and summer.
    • Fertilize with Parkwood® Flower Food 15-30-15 during bud formation & blooming.

  • These heart-shaped leaves with silver tracings thrive in cool temperatures and are perfect for that vacant window in your home that’s lacking colour. Flowers come in shades of red, pink, magenta, mauve, and white.

    • Cyclamen do best in a bright east or west-facing window with a daytime temperature of 18°C (65°F) and an evening temperature as low as 5°C–10°C (40°F–50°F).
    • Watering should be done from the bottom; sit the plant in a deep saucer, add water to the saucer, and leave for a half-hour.
    • Fertilize every 2–3 weeks with Parkwood® Flower Food 15-30-15

  • These popular indoor plants feature clusters of fragrant, white blooms. They do not require a chilling period, so forcing them to bloom indoors is as easy as putting the bulbs in water and waiting. While paperwhite bulbs can be planted in soil, more commonly they are grown in containers or dishes of water with some stones or marbles to anchor them in place.

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  • Rosemary Christmas trees are a great addition to your home this holiday season with the scents of the season.

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Christmas Returns

Gift receipts are available upon request.

All gift items with a gift receipt can be exchanged or refunded to a Sheridan Nurseries gift card until January 10th. No cash refunds. Excludes Christmas décor purchased after December 20th.

Christmas décor items purchased from December 11th to December 19th can be refunded to a Sheridan Nurseries gift card only.

Christmas décor items purchased on or after December 20th are final sale.

Christmas Collection

Click here to shop our full Christmas selection or visit us in-store today.