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How to Take Care of Easter Flowers

March 25, 2020 2 min read

Nothing truly welcomes early spring-like Easter flowers. Fragrant Easter lilies, vibrant hydrangeas, and fresh-cut flowers are some excellent ways to embrace the season to your home, or as a thank you gift.

Easter Lilies

Say hello to spring with fragrant, white, trumpet-shaped blooms. Easter lilies are a summer-flowering perennial bulb and often known to gardeners as a trumpet lily.

When shopping for an Easter lily, look for one with flowers and bud is various stages of development (closed bud, partially opened flower). Check to see if there are any signs of insects or diseases (wilting, dark spots).

Easter Lily

To take care of these plants indoors, place them in an area that has bright, indirect sunlight. Protect it from heat sources and chilly drafts. Keeping them in a colder area will help prolong the flowers. Remove spent blooms. Easter lilies should be watered when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Check to see if any water is being trapped in a container, or foil, which can cause over-watering and root damage.

Another tip to extend the bloom period is to remove the yellow anthers from the centre. Removing them will also prevent any staining on the white petals, clothes, and furniture.

Florist Hydrangeas

Potted hydrangeas that available at garden centres during Easter are not winter hardy and are best suited to be enjoyed indoors during the holiday.

Easter Hydrangea Floral Design

Place potted hydrangeas near a sunny window with good air circulation, but away from any vents. Keep an eye on the soil; you don’t want the plants to dry out so much that they wilt. Avoid letting it sit in water, as this will damage the roots.

If you want to use them outside trim off the blooms and slowly bright, it outside during the day and bring back in at night. Wait until the risk of frost has passed and use them in containers or garden beds.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are another great idea over Easter (or any holiday) to brighten up a living space. To get the most out of your indoor bouquets, change the water daily and keep away from any heat sources. Avoid placing them near any fruit because they will release ethylene gas which will lower the longevity of your flowers. Cut 1-2 inches off the stems before you put them in water. Remove foliage that is below the waterline to prevent bacteria.

Spring Flowers in a vase