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Outdoor Plants

Growing Panicle Hydrangeas

June 13, 2018 2 min read

Panicle hydrangeas (h. paniculata), also known as Pee Gee hydrangea, are the most sun tolerant hydrangea; they can take full sun in our climate.

They bloom on new wood, therefore pruning should be done in early spring (about one-third of their total height) to ensure new growth develops. Bloom colour will transition from white to pink in fall regardless of soil chemistry.

If the flowers turn brown and dry without taking on the colour, they might need more water during their bloom time or the night time temperatures are too warm to allow the change to take place.


This one of a kind panicle hydrangea makes a statement in landscapes across North America. Football shaped flowers open in an elegant green that freshens up any garden in the summer. The blooms then transform into an array of red, pink, and burgundy that persists through fall. If you are looking for a dwarf version, take a look at the Little Lime®.

Quick Fire®

One of the first panicle hydrangeas to bloom in the garden. The flowers will open up a pure white, pink, then to an extremely rosy dark pink in autumn; the foliage will also turn gold and burgundy around this time. The pH level does not affect bloom colour. Lovely lace cap variety will attract pollinators too!

Check out the Little Quick Fire® hydrangea for containers and small spaces.

Pinky Winky®

This variety is unmistakable in the garden! Large flowers will open white in mid to late summer; as summer turns to fall the florets at the base will begin to turn pink. What’s interesting about this hydrangea is that it will continue to grow white florets at the tip resulting in two-toned blooms. Adaptable to both sun and shade, and most soils.

Pinky Winky - Panicle hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata - Photo: Proven Winners

Zinfin Doll®

Flowers open up white then turn pink from base to tip. As one of the newer varieties on the market, Zinfin Doll® flowers will begin to open white and as they age, turn to dark pink and hold their colour for up to three months! These look great in a mass planting to create a focal point in the landscape.

Zinfindoll Panicle hydrangea - Photo: Proven Winner