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With over 12,000 Christmas trees to choose from this season, six different varieties and sizes ranging from tabletop to 12 feet, you will be sure to find a tree that is just right for you! Our trees are suspended from above, so you can do a complete walk-around of all its sides. Choosing the perfect tree is not an easy task, bring along your little helpers and make it a fun family event! Visit the garden centre nearest you today!

*Limited number of trees suspended at our Toronto location.

Emperor Fir

  • Tree shape is symmetrical
  • Soft-textured foliage is dark green with silver undersides
  • Has great needle retention

Old Fashioned Fraser Fir

  • Has a more natural look
  • Sheared every year with exception to the last year. This allows longer branches on the tree for more decorating area

Fraser Fir

  • One of the most beautiful Christmas Trees available
  • Very symmetrical with a narrow form
  • Soft green needles with a silvery underside are pleasant to the touch
  • Needles hold on well through the season

Balsam Fir

  • A traditional ‘Christmas tree’
  • Very symmetrical with a narrow form
  • Foliage is dense and bright green
  • Open branching makes tree trimming fast and easy

Scots Pine

  • Pleasant ‘Christmas tree’ fragrance
  • Foliage is dense, with sturdy branches
  • Needles are long-lasting