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Short on time? Our talented designers can create your own personalized arrangement for the holiday season. We can help you set the right mood for your Christmas party or simply add personality and colour to your festive theme. Our inspirational collection of custom designs will be reason enough for you to want to spend more time entertaining or relaxing at home.

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Fabulous Fresh Decor!

Celebrate the holiday season and enhance the beauty of your home by decorating with beautiful, fragrant, live greenery. Visit our garden centres for some great holiday inspiration and must-haves! We have a large selection of traditional live wreaths, boughs and garlands to complement your decorating!

How many garlands do I need?

  • Swaging Garland: Requires a piece of garland the length of the area to be decorated plus 1/3. 50 ft. of garland covers 35 ft. 25 ft. of garland covers 17 ft.
  • Coiling Garland: Around a pole will require a piece twice the length of the area to be decorated. 50 ft. of garland covers 25 ft. 25 ft. of garland covers 12 ft.