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Sheridan’s Heroes of Horticulture

Over the years Sheridan Nurseries has been fortunate to have a great number of loyal employees, some of whom have been committed for most of their working lives.

The last century at Sheridan Nurseries has revealed a cosmopolitan mix of employees. Among the nationalities represented are Danes, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese. In the same manner that cities and regions of North America experienced influxes of migration due to social upheavals caused by the war and economic crises, Sheridan Nurseries experienced waves of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. It is an extraordinary story that continues within our company to this day.

Without the dedication, determination and effort of these employees, the growth and success of the company would not have been possible.

A considerable number of people who have come to work for our company have made life-long careers for themselves with Sheridan Nurseries.

We have had so many Heroes of Horticulture within our business over the years it would be impossible to list them all here; however we are delighted to share some memories from our present employees of their time with the company.

All of our employees have contributed in their own unique way to Sheridan’s legacy and for this we are extremely grateful. It has been an extroadinary 100+ years and thanks to the loyal service of our many employees, Sheridan Nurseries will continue to grow!

Hear From Our Employees

For over a century, Sheridan Nurseries has been providing superior products, services and helpful advice to our guests. We pride ourselves on our selection and quality, exceptional guest service and knowledgeable staff who are trained to answer just about any gardening questions you may have.


Careers Benefits

Sheridan Nurseries offers you a challenging and rewarding career in a fast paced environment. We offer room for advancement as well as competitive wages, a comprehensive health plan and a full support training program.

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