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Transitioning from Fall to Winter in your Garden and Home

October 12, 2023

Frosted Leaf


As autumn’s vibrant colours gracefully fade and winter’s crisp chill approaches, it’s time to transition your garden and home to embrace the beauty of the colder months. At Sheridan Nurseries, we’re here to guide you through this seasonal shift, offering tips and inspiration to Never Stop Growing.

In the Garden:
  • Farewell to Fall Foliage:

As the leaves fall, take the time to clear them from your lawns and garden beds. Decomposing leaves can create a breeding ground for harmful pests and diseases. Consider composting them to enrich your soil come Spring with the Sheridan Yard Waste Bags.


Get expert Sheridan tips about Winter Lawn and Garden Prep.


  • Plant Bulbs for Spring Bliss:

Now is the perfect time to plant spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses. These little treasures will slumber beneath the winter snow, and bloom for instant impact with colour as Spring approaches.


Learn more about Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms to create instance impact next Spring.

  • Protect Your Perennials:

Mulch is your best friend in winter. Apply a thick layer around the base of your perennial plants to insulate their roots and protect them from freezing temperatures. However, be sure to leave a few perennials in place for beneficial bugs to hibernate and support your garden ecosystem in years to come.

Find an array of high-quality mulches in-store and one here.

  • Embrace Evergreens:

Evergreen trees and shrubs, like junipers and pines, become the stars of the winter garden. Their greenery provides much-needed contrast and texture in the stark Winter landscape. They also provide the perfect canvas and space to decorate with holiday lights and outdoor décor. More tender evergreens such as boxwoods, cedars, and rhododendrons should be protected with burlap.

Around Your Home:
  • Cozy Outdoor Spaces:

Extend your outdoor enjoyment into the winter months with fire pits, outdoor heaters, and cozy blankets for gathering with friends and family! Create a warm and inviting ambiance for the last crisp evenings under the stars, before winter settles in. Find several traditional to modern outdoor heating solutions both online and in-store.


  • Welcome Winter Birds:

Hang bird feeders and seeds or treats to attract beautiful winter birds for their cheerful presence and songs that will brighten even the gloomiest winter days. Find more on Backyard Birding from Sheridan experts.

  • Deck the Halls:

Transition your home’s décor from autumnal hues to winter wonderland whites and blues. Incorporate pinecones, evergreen branches, and twinkling lights for a festive holiday touch.


  • Indoor Greenery:

Just because the garden is dormant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy greenery indoors. Houseplants like pothos, snake plants, and peace lilies thrive in the lower light conditions of winter. Add a holiday flair with the decorative Christmas Cactus. If you have indoor pets, ensure that you make pet-friendly choices from our list of 25 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants.


As you transition from fall to winter in your garden and home, remember that this season offers its own unique beauty and charm. It’s a time for reflection, cozy gatherings, and the promise of new growth to come. At Sheridan Nurseries, we’re here to provide you with everything you need to make this transition smooth and enjoyable. Embrace the change and let the magic of winter unfold in your garden and home.