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12 Perfect Fall Trees and Shrubs

August 12, 2020

12 Perfect Fall Trees and Shrubs

Fall in love with these 12 trees and shrubs that will bring fiery autumn colour or delicate texture to your outdoor space.

After planting, don’t forget to mulch and water your new plants.


Autumn Blaze ® Freeman Maple

The brilliant red-orange colour will light up your garden in fall. This type of maple is a hybrid between a red maple and silver maple. Another unique feature is the smooth, silver-grey bark that improves with age. The branching is dense and ascending, giving the tree a rounded crown. Plant in full sun and in an area that has good drainage. This maple can grow up to 12 meters tall.

Autumn Blaze ®

Dwarf Burning Bush

Nothing quite says fall in the garden like this deciduous shrub. They are cherished for its intense scarlet red foliage all autumn. This compact, mounded variety displays rich green leaves in spring to summer and will come to life in fall as temperatures cool. Makes an excellent hedge or planted with conifers or evergreens behind it.

Burning Bush

Shadblow Serviceberry

This serviceberry is ideal for smaller home gardens. Masses of showy white flowers will emerge in the spring then followed by edible berries in June. Outstanding orange and red foliage will brighten up your garden in autumn—ideal for mass plantings, hedges, and woodland gardens.

Little Goblin ® Red Winterberry

This dwarf winterberry will produce large, vibrant red berries that will brighten up your fall and winter garden. Treasured for mass plantings and being used as a cut-branch for seasonal decorating. Plant in a location with full to part sun, and make sure there is a male pollinator such as Mr. Poppins ® Winterberry to produce berries.

Little Goblin ®

Ivory Halo ® Tartarian Dogwood

Burgundy-red stems with variegated foliage are perfect for all-season colour in the garden. As the leaves begin to fall in autumn, the red stems will create vibrant contrast. Best used as a specimen, hedge, or accent piece in the garden. Plant in a location with full to part sun.

Neon Burst ™ Dogwood

Chartreuse-green leaves will hold their vibrant colour all summer long. When fall arrives, the foliage will turn into a dazzling display of purple, red, yellow and orange. Stems are a glossy scarlet-red. Hardy from zone 2-7 and thrives in full to part-sun.

Neon Burst Dogwood

Sugar ‘N Spice ™ Koreanspice Viburnum

Delicate, small white flowers will brighten up the summer garden. When autumn arrives, an impressive display of maroon-red foliage will be a showstopper in your garden.

Berry Heavy ® Common Winterberry

Copious amounts of bright red berries will stand-out in the fall and winter landscape. In fall, it will lose its leaves, making the berries the centre of attention. This shrub grows in poor soil and shade. It is known for producing more berries than conventional winterberries.

Berry Heavy ®

Mr. Poppins ® Winterberry

Compact winterberry with dark green foliage. Commonly used alongside Little Goblin ® and Berry Heavy ® as a pollinator to produce fruit. Adaptable to wet soils and does well in heavy soil.

Exclamation! ™ London Planetree

This large tree is perfect for urban conditions. It tolerates dry soil, clay soil, and even areas that experience road salt. The beautiful peeling bark reveals a pattern of green, tan, and brown in autumn.

Red Oak

Red oak trees reach heights up 20-30 meters tall. Deep, dark green leaves turn a deep red in autumn. The bark is a textured mix of smooth and grey ridges. This native tree is found as north as Lake Superior and as east as Nova Scotia.

Engelman Virginia Creeper

This vine is a fast spreader and is perfect for planting along fences. The dark green foliage turns rich burgundy with touches of copper or bronze highlights in autumn.