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11 Flowering Perennials for your Garden

May 1, 2020

11 Flowering Perennials for your Garden

Perennials have so many benefits in the garden. They bring a vibrant display of colours, contrast, and texture your space. By mixing foliage plants with flowering plants, you all have an eye-catching garden from spring to fall.

Pollinators rely on nectar-rich foods; you can help them by planting flowering perennials in your outdoor space. Bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects will appreciate visiting your garden if you make a blend of fragrances, colours, and heights for them to enjoy.


To get the most impact from gardening with perennials, plant various perennials that will bloom at different times throughout the season; known as succession planting. Unlike annuals that bloom all summer, perennials have limited flowering time.

Consider how much sunlight you have – some perennials need more sun than others. To get some inspiration, check out our foliage favourite and our new perennials.

As soon as the ground thaws, you can start planting perennials. Make sure you water new perennials to a depth at the soil level every day for a week, every other day for the next two weeks and then as required. Always adjust your watering to natural rainfall and drought conditions. Add a dose of Parkwood® Transplanter 5-15-5 to minimize transplant shock and help establish healthy roots!


The booms on a daylily may only last a day, but they can bloom continuously for up to six weeks. Daylilies need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight for the most prolific blooms in summer. Once established, daylilies are quite drought tolerant – pairs well in woodland style gardens filled with daisies, asters, and other ornamental grasses.

Varieties we love: Judy Judy, Strawberry Candy, Rainbow Rhythm® ‘Tiger Swirl’


Coral bells are often overlooked for their dainty flowers. Even in the shade, these perennials will flower delicate blooms. Plant among bleeding heart, hosta, and astilbe.

Varieties we love: Grande™ Black, Northern Exposure™ Lime, Dolce® Apple Twist, Fire Alarm

TERRA NOVA® Nurseries


Coneflowers are available in every colour; from punchy yellows to bold pinks and even white, there is a coneflower for every colour and style of garden. These perennials are beloved by pollinators and add great height and texture to sunny gardens.

Varieties we love: Sombrero® Lemon Yellow Improved, Sombrero® ‘Adobe Orange’, PowWow White, Cone-Fections™ ‘Butterfly Kisses


These hardy perennials flower vibrant hues of purple-blues, white, or pink on spikes of deep green pointed foliage. Plant in partial to full sun areas – the less sun they get, the less they will flower. Excellent addition for rock gardens, container gardens and mixed borders.

Varieties we love: Royal Candles, Magic Show® ‘Purple Illusion’ Perfectly Picasso, Royal Rembrandt


There are various styles of phlox that will brighten up your garden. Some varieties will make an excellent ground cover, while others will flourish in tall spikes with burst with pinks, purples, and whites. Phlox will bloom from mid-summer to autumn. Plant in an area that receives full sun (six hours minimum).

Varieties we love: Flame™ ‘Pink’, Glamour Girl


These low maintenance, shade-loving flowering perennials are fast-growing and make a magnificent specimen planting in spring. Their showstopping heart-shaped blooms will cascade from the stem in shades of white, pink, and magenta-red. Plant bleeding hearts in an area that receives partial to full shade. Once they finish blooming, the foliage will die back so consider surrounding it with later blooming perennials.

Varieties we love: Valentine™, ‘Gold Heart’


Planting daisies in your garden is a graceful way to add a little bit of perfection. Clean, white petals (not all are white – Banana Cream is a soft yellow) radiate from the centre of a sunny yellow centre. Most varieties will bloom from early summer until autumn. They attract butterflies, are drought tolerant once established, and are deer and rabbit resistant. Great for borders, mass plantings, and adding height in containers. Daisies are sun-loving perennials, plant in partial to full sun.

Varieties we love: Whoops-a-Daisy, Spoonful of Sugar, Amazing Daisies® ‘Banana Cream


One of the most cherished summer-blooming perennials, Black-Eyed Susan’s illuminate a sea of sunshine. The cheerful lemon-yellow flowers are also beloved by pollinators. Plant in an area that receives full sun and where the soil has good drainage.

Varieties we love: Little Goldstar, Goldsturm, Irish Eyes


Narrow green or blueish-grey foliage creates an excellent filler in the garden, but our favourite aspect of dianthus flowers is their circular, vibrant, double flowers. These perennials are generally low growing so are best placed in the front of your garden beds in full sun.

Varieties we love: Firewitch, Scent First® ‘Coral Reef’, Pretty Poppers™ ‘Electric Red’, Fruit Punch® ‘Cherry Vanilla


If you’re looking for a sun-loving perennial that flowers tiny, vibrant flowers and resembles a succulent, try planting stonecrop. These look great in rock gardens, border edges, and containers.

Varieties we love: Double Martini, SunSparkler® ‘Jade Tuffet’, Neon


A summer-blooming favourite for shade gardens. Astilbes have fern-like foliage that blooms with tall, billowy spikes of flowers. Plant in the shade to partial shade area – the full sun will cause the foliage to burn.

Varieties we love: Lollypop, Montgomery, Younique™ ‘Cerise’, Vision In Red

Astilbe flowering shade perennial

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