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Outdoor Plants

The Best Annuals for Sun

June 13, 2019 3 min read

Ideal for filling in sunny spots in any container or garden bed, these annuals will thrive in an area that has direct sun for five or more hours.

To get the most out of your sun loving annuals, add our water-soluble Parkwood® Flower Plant Food 15-30-15 fertilizer every two weeks. It’s high in phosphorus so your plants will grow strong roots and vibrant blooms. Don’t forget to water at the base of the plant regularly!


This flowering annual was introduced into the gardening world in the early 1990’s, and if you ask us, it’s here to stay. This vigorous bloomer makes a statement with its cascading growth that’s best suited in hanging baskets, containers, and along walkways. Calibrachoa is available in a rainbow of colours and combinations; you’ll be sure to find one or two that suit your gardening scheme. Will flower until frost and no deadheading required!


Welcome summer into your garden with sunflowers! These delightful hardy annuals attract bees and birds such as blue jays and mourning doves to gardens. They are best grown from seed after the threat of spring frost has passed.


Heat tolerant and drought tolerant, this annual has tropical blooms that blossom in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, peach and fuchsia. Perfect for container creations that need a vibrant filler.


Shades of orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow flower all summer long – even in the late summer heat. There are also bi-colour, tri-colour and dwarf varieties that are ideal for balcony gardens and containers. They prefer consistent water and lots of sunshine.


These sun-loving annuals will flower from spring to frost in cheerful colours of yellow, orange, and bright red. Best for planting along with your tomatoes and peppers as they repel white fly. Deadhead often for fuller plants and more blooms.


Cherished for decades in the garden, geraniums are versatile and grow well in window boxes, containers, and beds. Remove spent flowers to keep the plants neat and encourage more blooms. In early spring, try adding regal geraniums to your outdoor space and as temperatures rise, replace them with calliope geraniums as they tolerate heat and direct sun.


Trumpet-shaped flowers will brighten up your summer garden in every shade of pink, purple, white, cream, yellow and orange. Petunias are so versatile, some varieties are perfect for landscaping thanks to their mounding growth while others are densely branched and cascade, making them ideal for containers.


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Drought tolerant, deadheading not necessary, continuous blooms, fragrant foliage; is there anything else you want from a sun-loving annual? They are a stunning thriller for container gardens with their upright stems that are covered in purple-blue, white, or pink blooms all summer long.

Angelonia Sun Loving Annual


‘Cosmos’ in Greek means orderly, beautiful, and ornamental. These sun-loving, daisy-like annuals are easy to grow from scattered seeds in your garden after the threat of frost has passed. They handle drought and even poor soil conditions.