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Edible Garden

8 Edible Flowers You Need to Grow

February 28, 2020 3 min read

Edible flowers mix two of our favourite things – flowers and food!

Not only will you beautify your garden and help pollinators, but edible flowers will also add a touch of flair to even the most basic of dishes. From cocktails to salads and desserts, these garnishes will make your meals flourish.

Please do thorough research before eating, not all flowers are edible, and some are poisonous.

Avoid flowers that have been sprayed by chemicals or pesticides. To ensure you are eating fresh, healthy florals, we suggest growing organic seeds or buying organic plants from a reliable source.

Here are some of our favourite flowers to get started.


One of the most popular flowers for decorating food and beverages. There is a wide range of colours and have various flavours from sweet to perfumed. Try making ice cubes with them – such a perfect summer garnish with their pink, purple, and blue coloured petals!

Viola garnished with popsciles


These have edible flowers and foliage, make sure you remove the black spur at the plant of the flower – insects and dirt can get trapped there. They have a sweet peppery flavour that is an excellent addition for salad and pasta. Flowers are golden yellow or hues or reddish-orange hues.

Using nastrium as an edible flower


Did you know dandelions are entirely edible?

The bright yellow flower buds have a sweet floral flavour similar to honey. The greens are excellent tossed into a salad or steamed. Never harvest from lawns or roadsides.

Field of dandelions for edible gardening


You are probably used to eating the green of chives, but the delicate purple globe-shaped flowers can be separated and added into salads or vinaigrettes for a mild onion flavour.

Chives in the garden can be used as an edible flower


This cherished perennial is often overlooked for being added into food, but it makes a pleasant addition to baked goods – you have to try this shortbread recipe. Lavender adds a hint of mint and rosemary.

Lavender used in shortbread cookies as an edible flower


Look for t.tenuifolia, because it has lemony citrus-like flavour. African and French marigolds are more pungent, and biter but is edible.


Ornamental sweet peas are not edible! Gardens peas produce white or pink blooms that look great in salads – especially fresh beans and peas harvested from the garden.


Squash Flowers

If you’re growing squash in your garden, you have to try cooking up the flowers. They can be fried after being stuffed with cheese and herbs, or tossed in a salad.


We suggest picking flowers in the morning because this is when they have the highest water content, they won’t wilt as quickly compared to the afternoon. Keep them in a closed container with damp paper towels. They will store up to a week in the fridge.

Before using, all flowers should be shaken and washed in cold water to remove insects and dirt. Remove stamens and stiles before eating because pollen can overwhelm the taste of the food and flowers. There are some exceptions to this, to this but generally, only eat the petals.

Are you new to gardening from seed? Check out our blog post about growing seeds.