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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

October 29, 2019 2 min read

Did you know real Christmas trees have been sold commercially since about 1850?

With the convince of artificial trees hitting the market in Germany during the 19th century, they quickly rose in popularity because of their low cost, longevity, ease of clean up, and come even being pre-lit.

As we strive to create a sustainable lifestyle for our families, it’s time to reconsider the benefits of buying a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

Buying real trees is renewable

Just like other crops, real trees are grown on land that is dedicated to Christmas tree production. Growers will plant one to three seedlings for every harvested tree. Artificial trees are made with PVC plastic or aluminum. The tree will be set up multiple times over ten years, but once it’s thrown out, it will remain in the landfill for many years to come.

Real trees benefit the environment

While the trees are growing, they absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen. The soil in the area is stabilized and provides refuge for wildlife. Real Christmas trees are grown on land that does not support other crops, so the natural area is not disturbed.

‘Treecycling’ after the holidays

Many municipalities offer Christmas tree pick up after the holiday season. Trees will be chipped and used as mulch at local parks and gardens. They can be used as barriers to prevent soil erosion and provide a natural habitat for wildlife.

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