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Indoor Plants

2022 is the year of the Peperomia

January 14, 2022 3 min read

As 2022 welcomes the year of the Peperomia, it is an excellent opportunity to add this easy-to-manage tropical plant to your home.

Native to Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean, the Peperomia is a member of the pepper family that allows you to incorporate lush tropical vibes into your decor.

Not only do plant lovers choose the Peperomia for its hardiness, but also for the stunning foliage that sets it apart from other houseplants.

Leaves come in a variety of colours, including red, grey, green, and purple, beautifully blended to create a marbled effect. This plant makes a statement with heart-shaped leaves that come in assorted sizes, so you can easily find a colour and size that fits your taste. Blooms are long, narrow stalks in green or brown. They don’t actually resemble flowers, and often people pinch them off as they can take away from the overall aesthetic of the plant. In a home setting, blooming can be a rare occurrence.

The Peperomia is known by several other names, including:

  • Baby rubber plant
  • Pepper elder
  • Radiator plant
  • Shining bush plant
  • Emerald ripper pepper

How To Care For The Peperomia

To keep your Peperomia plant healthy in your home, start by planting it in a pot with good drainage. It is recommended to use an orchid potting mix to provide it with the nutrients necessary for beautiful colour and growth. Peperomia have limited root growth, so they do well in smaller pots and are fine with being pot-bound. Take care if you do choose to re-pot, and be sure to not put them in too large of a container, or you’ll risk potential for rotting.

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What Light Is Best For Peperomia

Since most species of Peperomia are from beneath forest canopies, they prefer indirect light. Thicker leaf varieties can tolerate more sun and will lean towards their light source as they grow. So remember to rotate your pots regularly. Small leaf varieties grow very well in low light conditions.

What Is the Best Soil For Peperomia

Since Peperomia is a tropical plant, it does well in a similar growing environment, thriving in neutral to acidic soil. Conditions similar to that of an orchid are ideal with moist soil mixed with decaying material such as bark or peat moss.

How Much Water Does Peperomia Need?

Tropical plants enjoy moist soil to ensure healthy growth. Avoid overwatering, which can cause roots to rot and promote fungus gnats and other infestations. Varieties such as the P. incana, Peperomia polybotrya, and P. obtusifolia can withstand drier conditions. Watch for yellow leaves, which will indicate overwatering, the quickest way to kill your Peperomia. Let the soil dry out periodically to be confident you are giving your plant the right amount of water.

What Is The Best Growing Temperature for Peperomia?

As a tropical plant, Peperomia prefers a warm, humid environment. Avoid exposure to cold temperatures below 0C. To help increase humidity in your home, consider a small humidifier. Your Peperomia may also benefit from sitting on a tray of pebbles and water, allowing it to absorb additional moisture.

What Fertilizer is Best for Peperomia?

Peperomia does well without fertilizer. These plants are self-growing and require little assistance to encourage spread or propagation. Simply create healthy soil conditions, as noted above, and your Peperomia will thrive. If you want to expand your collection, simply snip off a leaf, place it in rooting powder, and transfer it to potting soil.

Is Peperomia Safe For Pets?

Yes! You can feel confident adding Peperomia to your plant collection. It is safe for both pets and humans, so you can comfortably place it anywhere in your home.

Peperomia is an excellent addition to any plant collection. Easy to look after and perfect in just about any growing condition, the Peperomia is a smart choice for novice and experienced tropical plant enthusiasts.

The team of houseplant experts at Sheridan Nurseries can help you find the right Peperomia for your home and provide you with growing tips and solutions to keep it looking healthy for many years.