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Outdoor Plants

The Best Annuals for Shade

June 13, 2019 2 min read

The perfect for companions for areas that have dappled shade or morning sunlight. Gardening in the shade can be challenging, but with these top picks, you’ll have a show-stopping display.

To get the most out of your annuals for shade, add our water-soluble Parkwood® Flower Plant Food 15-30-15 fertilizer every two weeks. It’s high in phosphorus so your plants will grow strong roots and vibrant blooms. Don’t forget to water at the base of the plant when necessary!


This shade-loving annual comes in two-toned blooms that have a unique shape. Flowers are white, purple, or magenta. They will undoubtedly add intense colour to hanging baskets and containers with their cascading growth.

Fuchsia Annuals for Shade


One of our foliage favourites for the garden, coleus adds texture and intense colour to outdoor spaces. To keep plants full, pinch the tops off regularly. Available in showy displays of lime green, deep pink, rusty orange, and burgundy.

Coleus nnuals for Shade


All you need for begonias to thrive in light shade, fertile well-drained soil, and lots of water. Wax begonias have glossy foliage and tiny pink, red, or white flowers.

Begonia Annuals for Shade

Tuberous begonias have frilly, more abundant flowers but require a bit more attention to watering and deadheading for a prolific display and extended bloom period. They have a more extensive range of colours, including yellow, coral, pink and white. If you are looking for a begonia with more foliage impact and less flower, check out rex begonias, which also make excellent houseplants.

New Guinea Impatiens

Vigorous growers with vibrant flowers, New Guinea Impatiens, will continuously bloom abundant bright hues of pink, lavender, coral, red or white flowers on deep green foliage.

Impatiens Annuals for Shade


Add a touch of the tropics with this popular houseplant. Caladium needs moist soil and must be kept away from any direct sunlight.

Caladium ‘Pink Splash’