What’s the easiest Orchid to start out with?
  • Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid doesn’t require any direct sunlight therefore, bright light from an east window, for instance, is perfect
  • Their floating flowers come in a wide array of colours on a long, arching branch
  • Blooms, up to 15 cm (6”) across, open in succession from bottom to tip and each lasts for 2 months or more
  • Foliage is thick, leathery, dark green, and strap-like
  • Phalaenopsis don’t store moisture in a pseudobulb so they should never be allowed to dry out completely
  • Always feel surface before watering and wait if cool and damp
  • Average indoor temperatures of 16-30°C (60-85°F) are fine and try to maintain a 50% humidity level
  • Fertilize with Schultz Water Soluble Orchid Food 19-31-17 while plant is flowering and growing
  • If mature plants fail to bloom, give them 2 months with 10°C (50°F) night temperature in fall
  • Re-pot every 2-3 years
Are Cymbidium Orchids hard to grow?
  • Like all plants, they grow and flower best when a couple of requirements are met
  • From March to October, water plants copiously and at other times potting medium can be kept barely moist but never allow to dry out
  • They like a lot of light in summer and early fall but prefer cool evening temperatures of 16°C (60°F) during this time
  • To encourage flowering, provide a cool period at 13-16°C (55-61°F) for 4-6 weeks in late fall
  • Fertilize every 2 weeks from January-July and about once a month August-December
  • Re-pot only when there’s no room for pseudobulbs to expand
I always hear about providing Orchids with high humidity but I seem to forget to mist them often enough. Any suggestions?
  • You can sit the Orchid on gravel (available in small bags of white marble chips or red crushed tile) placed in a saucer that is kept moist at all times by simply adding water
  • Be sure to put a cork mat under the saucer so constant dampness doesn’t stain surface below
  • There’s also a clear, plastic humidifier tray that can be used for Orchids, African Violets, Ferns, and Bonsai
  • The plant sits higher on pre-formed ridges in the centre of the tray with water below
  • Or leave the mister bottle right beside the Orchid and mist whenever you walk by
  • Never position an Orchid near a heat source in winter