Sheridan's Heroes of Horticulture

Over the years Sheridan Nurseries has been fortunate to have a great number of loyal employees, some of whom have been committed for most of their working lives.

The last century at Sheridan Nurseries has revealed a cosmopolitan mix of employees. Among the nationalities represented are Danes, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese. In the same manner that cities and regions of North America experienced influxes of migration due to social upheavals caused by the war and economic crises, Sheridan Nurseries experienced waves of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. It is an extraordinary story that continues within our company to this day.

Without the dedication, determination and effort of these employees, the growth and success of the company would not have been possible.

A considerable number of people who have come to work for our company have made life-long careers for themselves with Sheridan Nurseries.

We have had so many Heroes of Horticulture within our business over the years it would be impossible to list them all here; however we are delighted to share some memories from our present employees of their time with the company.

All of our employees have contributed in their own unique way to Sheridan's legacy and for this we are extremely grateful. It has been an extroadinary 100+ years and thanks to the loyal service of our many employees, Sheridan Nurseries will continue to grow!

Hear from our employees

Gwen Ferris

"Sheridan is an excellent company to work for. It is nice to work at a company promotes within and grow their staff. The Executive are open for change and this is what will allow the company to achieve another 100+ years."

(Human Resource Manager)

Rup Singh

I have worked at Sheridan Nurseries for a long time and have been very successful.

Some of my favourite memories are from working in the fields hoeing. I now have the pleasure of working with Flora Contarin at the Norval Farm growing plants and I thank Sheridan for that.

I am very happy to be part of the company on its 100th anniversary and wish Sheridan another century of success."

(Norval Farm Employee)

Anne Van Elsen

"When Amin (Store Manager) hired me to work at the Toronto Store, what he actually gave me wasn't just a job opportunity, it was the place where all day and everyday I could exhaust my energy, in a safe and productive way.

Sheridan is a place where I am surrounded by people who support and inspire me. I know they count on me to show up everyday and I also know that I can count on them to be there too."

(Seasonal Sales Plant Supervisor)

Wayne Milligan

"Working at Sheridan Nurseries has enabled me to be proactively engaged with my colleagues, our vendors and our guests, in a challenging yet often fun way.

(Distribution Traffic Coordinator )